4 Vape Accessories Every Vaper Should Have

Vape components like devices and flavor pods are table stakes for vaping. But there are a handful of vape accessories that can make your vape fit your style.

What are Vape Accessories? Vape accessories are not necessary to vape but can make vaping more personal. What vape accessory you might get depends on the device you have.

Check out these four e-cig accessories every vaper should have.

Vape Holster

Holsters are a colorful way to keep your Alto convenient. Now you can hang up your vape on your car’s dashboard, your desk, the back of your phone—or wherever else your device needs a home.


Holsters are made of premium silicone and come in 6 vibrant colors (matchy, matchy with your Alto color?). And no need to worry about sticky goo—vape holsters are easily removable.


Dings and scrapes don’t have to happen. Alto sleeves protect your device while you’re on the go, with the added bonus of making it easier to find in your bag. They come in three colors to suit your look, all made with durable materials to keep your vape in top shape.



It’s stylish. It’s sleek. It helps keep your charging cable organized on your desk. Basically, the Vuse Alto docking station is a work of art. You can charge your vape in this low-profile home base using your Alto’s USB charger (note: does not include an additional USB charger).


Can I decorate my vape?

Absolutely! Some vape users want to add their own personal touch and design on the device they use, and there are accessories for that, too. Vape skins or wraps are the perfect way to show a little style.

Vape Wraps

The Vuse Alto device comes in a variety of bold colors, but you can also choose from a variety of artist-designed wraps to make your Alto more reflective of your style.

Express your interest in racing, travel, art, music, fashion, and more. You can even choose a wrap inspired by your favorite city. With dozens of Alto wraps to choose from, there’s no better way to decorate and personalize your device.

Make it your own