Shipping Update: New Delivery Couriers is using a new courier to deliver Vuse orders. This is going to come with a few changes. This blog is to outline what you can expect from our new shipping partners. ​

Adult Signature is Required  

Earlier this year, we implemented sign on delivery for all Vuse shipments. This will still apply with our new courier. The delivery driver will check a government issued photo ID to ensure that the person accepting delivery is over the age of 21. ​

You May Experience Some Differences

Since we have changed couriers, you may notice some differences in your deliveries. ​

Differences may include:   

  • You may receive communications from the delivery driver prior to delivery to ensure an adult 21+ is home to receive the package. ​
  • Delivery vehicles may not be marked, and the delivery driver may not be wearing a uniform when delivering your package. ​
  • You may receive communications from delivery drivers if no adult 21+ is home to receive the packaging to reschedule delivery.​

When is my order going to ship/arrive? 

  • Our warehouse will process your order within 72 hours of receiving the order. However, this step is typically completed within 24 hours.​
  • Post purchase, you will receive two communications.
    • Email 1: order confirmation
    • Email 2: shipping confirmation with tracking information
  • Tracking will be provided via e-mail and on "My Account" along with a link to a site with details on where your package is in the delivery process. Please allow 3-6 days after your purchase for tracking to initiate.
  • We anticipate orders will arrive within 7-10 business days from purchase. Shipping times may vary.


At, we are extremely happy to be able to continue shipping to you. We appreciate your patience with all the new changes coming your way. ​ If any issues arise during your delivery, please call Customer Service. Your concerns will be relayed to your local courier so that we can improve your future experiences. ​

As always, you can contact customer service with your questions Monday-Friday 8am-10pm ET and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-8pm ET. Please call 1-877-614-VUSE (8873) and we'll gladly assist you.​ ​