JUUL vs Alto vs blu Device

New to vaping? Not happy with your current vape experience?

Then you might be wondering how Vuse Alto compares to JUUL? And what about the blu Device?

Check out how three of the most popular pod systems stack up on five different criteria:

JUUL vs Alto vs Blu InfographicJUUL vs Alto vs Blu Infographic

Round 1: Device Price Comparison

When it comes to the devices themselves, the $6.99 Vuse Alto is less expensive than JUUL and blu Device, hands down. Neither JUUL nor blu Device comes close to offering a device for less than 7 dollars.

  • Vuse Alto device: $6.99
  • JUUL device: $9.99
  • blu Device: $9.99

Vuse Alto nails this one.

Round 2: Amount of E-Liquid Per Pod

Now let’s talk flavor pods. The pod packs for these brands all cost about the same (all three currently sell a 2-pack for $12.99).

But here’s the deal­—you get more e-liquid per pod with Vuse Alto.

  • Vuse Alto pods: 1.8 mL
  • JUUL pods: 0.7 mL
  • blu Device pods: 1.5 mL

Vuse Alto nails this one too.

Round 3: Color Options 

Colors—we all have our favorites. So, which vape brand has the most options?

  • Vuse Alto: 7 colors (slate, teal, blue, red, rose gold, gold, silver)
  • JUUL: 2 colors (slate, silver)
  • blu Device: 4 colors (sand gold, graphite black, forest green, midnight blue)

Again, Vuse Alto is the champ.

Round 4: Combinations of Flavor & Nicotine Strength

Getting the vape experience you prefer has a lot to do with the combination of flavor and nicotine level. Whether it’s Vuse Alto or JUUL or blu Device, you want to make sure the brand you pick gives you plenty of choices.

Let’s start with flavors.

  • Vuse Alto flavors: 3 options (Menthol, Golden Tobacco, and Rich Tobacco)
  • JUUL flavors: 2 options (Virginia Tobacco and Menthol)
  • blu Device flavors: 4 options (Rich Tobacco, Tobacco Ice, Menthol, and Gold Leaf)

Now let’s move to nicotine strengths.

  • Vuse Alto: 3 nicotine strengths (1.8%, 2.4%, 5.0%)
  • JUUL: 2 nicotine strengths (3.0%, 5.0%)
  • blu Device: 2 nicotine strengths per flavor

Total options for pod customization:

  • Vuse Alto: 9 combinations
  • JUUL: 4 combinations
  • blu Device: 8 combinations

Vuse Alto comes out on top again.

Round 5: Device Wraps

There are dozens of authentic Vuse Alto wrap styles to choose from. Plus, there are new ones coming out all the time. Whether you like travel, art, music, or fashion—you’re bound to find a Vuse Alto wrap you like.

JUUL and blu Device don’t offer any wraps to customize their devices on their websites (bummer).

Wrap winner: Vuse Alto.

It’s no wonder Vuse Alto is America’s Favorite Vape**. That’s thanks in part to our many options for customization.

Have you checked out Vuse Alto?

* Based upon review of JUUL & blu US websites (December 22, 2021) . Prices referenced are base price - prior to discounts.

**Based on retail scan data of reported total Vuse Alto Device sales volumes through 11/21/21.