With the Vuse Alto, quality matters—Here’s your proof

We’re big believers in the importance of quality—it’s actually our top priority (literally). Here are a few ways we ensure Vuse Alto is of the utmost quality.

Millions of vapers already choose Vuse Alto 

If you’re looking for a new favorite vape, millions have already found it. People around the country choose Vuse Alto for its quality and customizable vaping experience.  

Liquids blended in the USA 

All Vuse Alto e-liquids are blended right here in the good, ol’ U.S.A. with nicotine derived from tobacco.

We are all about living up to our customers’ expectations. 

Tamper-evident blister packaging 

With tamper-evident packaging, you can immediately see if someone has messed with your e-liquids. 

With blister packs specifically, each individual pod/cartridge is sealed separately, providing additional assurance that your products have not been opened. Don’t use them if the blisters arrive cut or broken. Instead, contact customer service for additional assistance.  

America’s favorite vape* 

Based on retail sales volume, the Vuse Alto is America’s #1 vapor device*—and a major feat like that doesn’t happen without an attention to quality. Vuse Alto products are available through reputable retailers around the country. Find a retailer near you. 

What are you waiting for? 

Explore the Vuse Alto today. 

*Based on YTD retail scan data of reported total Vuse Alto Device sales volumes through August 29, 2021.