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Vuse Ciro

Modern. Stylish. Compact. The Ciro provides the experience of a vape pen in a smaller, more polished format—for those that like to set the trends.


Cigalikes are e-cigarettes that are shaped like traditional cigarettes.


Their shape mimics the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.


Though some cigalikes are disposable, the Ciro is intended to be recharged and cartridges replaced.


The Menthol and Original (tobacco flavor) flavor choices should help make this cigalike similar to your traditional cigarette.

Customize your alto

Inspiration is all around you, so why not put some on your Alto?

Choose your color

Alto is available in seven bold colors. Pick your signature color or collect them all.


All Alto flavors come in 1.8%, 2.4% and 5% nicotine options. The choice is up to you!

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Inspiration may be no further away than down the street or around the block.

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