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Searching far and wide for artists that alter our thinking.

Shapes of Sound: Vegas

Curious what happens when we combine an independent rapper, a photo collage illustrator, and a common love for their iconic American city? Watch DougieTheDon and Ryan Olbrysh collaborate on an audio-visual tribute to Vegas.

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The Art of Inspiration with Ryan Olbrysh

Listen to Ryan Olbrysh, the photo collage illustrator behind our Vegas virtual event, share what inspires him and discuss his experience putting shape to sound.                               

All About Beats with DougieTheDon

Listen to our interview with DougieTheDon, the Vegas-based rapper behind our virtual event. We breakdown his creative process, and how working with an artist from a different industry is an entirely new experience.

Backstage Pass to Inspiration 

Take a look behind the scenes look at the composing and constructing of  DougieTheDon’s and Ryan Olbrysh audio-visual ode to Vegas.

Shapes of Sound: Austin

Music and art inspires us. So we wanted to see what happens when two unique artists come together, inspiring each other to create and collaborate. When listening to beautiful music, rarely do we ever think to ask, “what are we seeing?” They’re sounds, after all. But that’s exactly what we asked in Austin.

Two Artists Inspiring Eachother

Mobley Interview

Bill Tavis Interview

Bill Tavis and Mobley, the two artists behind our Austin virtual event, discuss how they inspire each other creatively and how this harmonious collaboration came to life. It's exactly the sort of thing they never would have done on their own, but are now grateful for having done it.

Going Behind the Inspiration

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage as Bill Tavis and Mobley inspired each other during their memorable collaboration [link to original blog]. And watch what each artist was able to bring out of their creative counterpart.

Mashup Inspired Wrap

Inspired By...

We wanted to see what happened when two artists from very different fields came together and created something totally new. It started as just an idea and ended up being a whole lot more. The first event [link to original blog] saw Bill Tavis, a unique artist of incomparable style and dexterity, and Mobley, a DJ Renaissance man, inspire one another to produce a truly special work of art. Both based in Austin, Texas, each brought a unique point of view to the collaboration.   

While Mobley performed, Tavis animated artwork inspired by the music. We recorded the entire collaboration, animated the illustrations, edited the video and posted it on our Instagram channel. And now, you can watch it here: [link to original blog]

The fruitful partnership between Tavis and Mobley [link to long-form interview] led to the creation of custom wraps for Vuse Alto [link to Vuse Alto product page] inspired by their collaboration. Each wrap was designed with the same care and precision that went into the performance. We wanted adult nicotine consumers to take home a small piece of art history, giving them a chance to feel like they were a part of the creative process. These wraps allow for the creativity from this single moment to live on. And above all else, they look really, really cool. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself [link to page promoting the various wraps].

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