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Hittin' the Road with The Fratellis (bumps and all)

There we were, on the precipice of hitting the road with The Fratellis for their 2020 U.S. Tour. As their official sponsor, we could finally say without a hint of irony, “excuse me, but we’re with the band.” Everything was all set and ready to go. We were just counting down the days, pinching ourselves at what was to come. The amps and instruments were probably being loaded onto huge trucks by guys with long beards and leather jackets while we waited. At least that’s how we imagined it. Rock and roll, right? Then everything changed. Suddenly, the whole thing was over before it had even begun. A global pandemic wasn’t exactly part of the plan.


Okay, so we couldn’t physically go on the road anymore. A minor setback. But that didn’t mean letting the entire plan disappear, now did it? No chance. The Fratellis still had an album to promote, their sixth, entitled, Half Drunk Under a Full Moon. And it’s a damn good one if you ask us. We needed to make the most of the situation, despite everything in flux. We’d come too far just to pack it in.

So we decided to give fans a taste of something extra special. The band debuted their newest song, “Strangers in the Street” on our Instagram channel on May 7th. The guys were joined on vocals by famed American soul singer P.P. Arnold. The tune was a real product of the times, with each musician recording separately from the comfort of their own home. Seems as though quarantining is no match for creativity. While it was far from a simple process, we’re just glad we could help make it happen. Now you can watch it here [link to song]. And it’s all for a good cause. The Fratellis are generously donating 100% of their share of proceeds to COVID-19 relief funds.

They’ll get back on the road eventually. And when they do, we’ll be there, too. U.S. Tour dates should be announced later on this year, and before you know it, things will start to look like normal again. Whatever that means. While some of us may still be stuck at home for a little bit longer, this tour is one thing we can all look forward to.


Searching for the Muse with The Fratellis

When it comes to writing a song, inspiration can come from practically anywhere. For the Beatles’ George Harrison, the muse spoke to him after he and his mates entered a higher income bracket. “Taxman”, anyone? And who says accounting has to be boring. The Fratellis are not so different. They find inspiration everywhere, mining subjects that could lead to a mighty fine ditty.

Take their song “Chelsea Dagger” as one such example. Jon Fratelli’s wife, Heather, performs burlesque under that curious, though catchy, pseudonym. Apparently, it’s a not-so-subtle play on Britney Spears. “Bethany Pointy Objects” just doesn’t roll of the tongue in quite the same way. The song went so far as to inspire scores of professional athletes and fans, too. Most notably taking on bona fide anthem-status for the Chicago Blackhawks during their victorious Stanley Cup run in 2010. It was one of many factors that contributed to ending the team’s nearly fifty-year championship drought.

With songs like “Creepin’ Up the Back Stairs," “Me and the Devil” and "Medusa In Chains," it’s pretty clear that many of the band’s tunes center around wild nights, wild stories and wilder characters. It’s like the old adage says, “everything’s material.” And while they’re not Italian, nor are they brothers, the band’s name originates from a rather esoteric piece of Americana. The Fratellis were the crime family in Richard Donner’s classic 1985 film, The Goonies. 

That’s why when it came time to find inspiration for wraps for your Vuse Alto, we didn’t need to look any further than their songs. Everything inspires them, so for us, they were as good a subject as it gets.

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