WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Marketing Principles

Communicating Responsibly to Adult Tobacco Consumers

Social media, as a channel for communication, reflects the way that adult tobacco consumers access information about products and engage with companies and brands. These channels will serve as an opportunity to directly educate adult tobacco consumers about our brand and commitment to responsible marketing. Our goal is to provide these consumers with another resource and option to connect with our customer service team. Most importantly, we have demonstrated that VUSE products can be marketed responsibly to adult tobacco consumers.

Responsible Social Media

Just like our products, our social media accounts are intended for adult tobacco consumers. Here are the steps we've taken to ensure just that:

  1. Our accounts are limited to those who have certified through each social platform that they are age 21 or over.
  2. We offer content geared towards adult tobacco consumers.
  3. We know that fake and fraudulent profiles exist, so we are proactively reviewing our social community to remove or block:
    • Underage users
    • Spammers
    • Scammers
    • Bots
    • Trolls
  4. Customers are unable to purchase products directly from our social media accounts.


  1. What kind of content will VUSE post on its social media channels?

    The content on our social media channels will educate adult tobacco consumers about our brand and products.

  2. Are there restrictions on who can view your social media posts?

    Our channels are limited to those who have certified through each social platform that they are age 21 or over. Recognizing the pitfalls of relying on self-reported data, we have dedicated resources – both internal and third-parties – assigned to review our followers and remove any accounts suspected to belong to underage users or which demonstrate inauthentic activity. This comes in addition to our marketing guidelines, which restrict content so as to not appeal to minors. We take our commitment to an authentic, adult audience very seriously.

  3. Can customers buy VUSE products directly from your social media channels?

    No. Purchases can be made on our e-commerce site, where we have robust third-party age verification, or in-store by an age-verified adult.

  4. How do you review your followers and what are you looking for?

    We have partnered with a specialized third-party software solution and customer service provider who will review our followers to identify accounts that appear to be underage users, bots, scammers, spammers or trolls. Agents will block or remove to prevent these fraudulent accounts from following our channels. They will also report these accounts to their respective social media platform.