WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vibe Complete Kit

92% of 100
Vuse Vibe is a powerhouse of performance that also offers our largest liquid cartridges. The Vibe Complete Kit includes a Vibe device and a flavor pack in your choice of Original tobacco or Menthol.


    1 Device, 1 USB Charging Cable, & 2 Flavor Tanks

    Vibe Power Unit   + $11.99
    Vibe Flavor Pack 3.0%   + $11.99
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    Vuse Vibe

    If you crave power and performance, the Vibe device is the vape for you. And with a sleek, compact body, you'll enjoy both performance and aesthetics. Get the Vibe power unit and one 2-tank flavor pack of your choice included in this ready-to-go kit. Vibe boasts a long-lasting 600mAh battery. This powerhouse of a device also offers Vuse's largest e-liquid cartridges. Each tank holds 1.9mLs of 3.0% nicotine, so you can be sure the Vibe will always be ready to help you charge beyond expectations. Cartridges are also easy to swap, so mix them up to suit your mood.
    • The Complete Kit
      Includes the ultra-powerful 600mAh Vibe device and a flavor pack in your choice.
    • The Device
      With a long-lasting battery, Vuse Vibe enjoys a slender, tapered design reminiscent of our original e-cigarette.
    • Flavors
      With Vuse Vibe, you can choose between velvety-smooth Original tobacco and crisp, refreshing Menthol.
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