WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vibe Complete Kit

92% of 100
Vuse Vibe is a powerhouse of performance that also offers our largest liquid cartridges. The Vibe Complete Kit includes a Vibe device and a flavor pack in your choice of Original tobacco or Menthol.


    1 Device, 1 USB Charging Cable, & 2 Flavor Tanks

    Vibe Power Unit   + $11.99
    Vibe Flavor Pack 3.0%   + $11.99
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    Vuse Vibe

    If you crave power and performance, the Vibe device is the vape for you. And with a sleek, compact body, you'll enjoy both performance and aesthetics. Get the Vibe power unit and one 2-tank flavor pack of your choice included in this ready-to-go kit. Vibe boasts a long-lasting 600mAh battery. This powerhouse of a device also offers Vuse's largest e-liquid cartridges. Each tank holds 1.9mLs of 3.0% nicotine, so you can be sure the Vibe will always be ready to help you charge beyond expectations. Cartridges are also easy to swap, so mix them up to suit your mood.
    • The Complete Kit
      Includes the ultra-powerful 600mAh Vibe device and a flavor pack in your choice.
    • The Device
      With a long-lasting battery, Vuse Vibe enjoys a slender, tapered design reminiscent of our original e-cigarette.
    • Flavors
      With Vuse Vibe, you can choose between velvety-smooth Original tobacco and crisp, refreshing Menthol.
    Reviews (774)
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    1. 80%


      Alto is great
      I have been a smoker for 28 years and have decided to quit smoking. I bought the Alto and it is great!!! I love it, battery is great and love the mixed berry! I gave a 4 star review because there needs to be more flavors. I really wish there were pods in the other flavors like the solo has. Hope to see them available soon!
    2. 100%

      DENNIS L.

      I quit smoking in 2002
      I smoked for almost 40 years. I used 2 weeks of nicotine patches and then cold turkey. After nearly 17 years, I still get urges so I decided to try vaping. The Vibe is surprisingly well made, but comes with no assembly instructions. I almost destroyed mine before I figured out I had to screw the modules together. I chalk that up to my poor eyesight. :o) Since then I have found it very easy to use and very pleasurable. Thanks for making a quality product at a price that was lower than I expected.
    3. 100%


      The BEST Products — Longtime VIBE Man
      I hope this review helps someone, because I have tried them ALL and have narrowed down and nailed my two favorites, so I go back and forth with mainly the Alto and the VIBE. I have never used the Solo much (but when “percent off deals” are offered online, I still order a couple flavor packs for the Solo). But for those who do not Vape a lot, and just hit it a few times a day when you maybe can’t smoke or need to fight a craving, the Solo may work better for you. The Cartridges only have .05ml, but refill packs are also much cheaper than the other alternatives, plus it’s shaped like a cigarette and even lets you know when the cartridge is empty. I got about five of the Ciro COMPLETE kits a couple of Christmases ago, at the price of two full kits for $1.99 (and they came with three cartridges each), but I just could not get a good “drag“ from it. However, like I said, on a sale, I still order them. I love switching out all of them from time to time, and will sometimes have two or even three of the devices loaded with full cartridges and setting out on my bedside table at once while I binge watch TV (everyone knows the most popular binge watching app streaming monthly service). But even before then I was a VIBE man. Most of the Vape stores try to replicate the smaller version like the VIBE, and I’ve tried that route also, and even purchased two nice Vapes and some good flavored juice, but I always wind up giving them away. They are too messy and just can’t beat the VIBE. Plus with the VIBE, you toss the cartridge away and get a new coil with every cartridge change. During the VIBE battery recall I was getting hasty while awaiting for its return. I counted the days until they started restocking the shelves. I also loved the five dollar off coupons every month, and although I love the Alto, and I’m using it now, the pods are a little expensive on my budget. But it is a notch above the rest and I will still use it randomly to keep up the random vape fun and the flavors and different puff types of the Alto and the VIBE will always be my two favorites. After looking at the complete specs for the VIBE at 3% nicotine and 1.9 ml of juice, plus the most powerful battery, I’m going back to my old friend the VIBE as my default fave. PLUS the cartridges are the best bang for your buck; usually $9.99 for two refills cartridges in a pack and more juice than any of the others. After I finish up the 2 new flavor packs for the Alto I just bought, I have made up my mind I’m going back to my all-time favorite… VIBE without a doubt! I love the fusion, the tropical, and the original is also great. Hands DOWN the best all around product for me. As soon as you guys (the company) offer a good 40% off deal or better, I will stock up as usual. Online ordering is quick and easy and usually fast and free shipping. Either way, you have two great products that will satisfy anyone, and two more cheaper alternatives in the Solo and the Ciro that will work best for many. There’s not a bad product amongst any of them. Once again, if you can afford it, and you enjoy vaping a lot, give the Alto a shot. At least wait around and catch a deal. It’s well worth trying and it may be your new favorite. No one can compete with what RJ Reynolds has found in their line of vapes! All FIVE stars and out of the four products and tons of flavors, ANYONE will be able to find the one that’s perfect for them! Finally: Customer Service is hands down THE BEST! If you have a problem, they are more than happy to assist in solving it. I cannot complain one bit. Hope you were able to gain some perspective on what you may want to try or else switch to for awhile with this review. You won’t go wrong either way!
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