WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vibe Flavor Pack 3.0%

95% of 100
$11.99 Starting price
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Includes 2 tanks

Enjoy Vibe with your choice of two flavors - cool and refreshing Menthol and our signature Original tobacco flavor.
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Vibe Flavor Pack

Vibe has reimagined vapor in a big way. Expect vibrant flavor with 3% nicotine.
  • 2 Flavors
    Available in Menthol and Original tobacco flavors.
  • 2 tanks per pack
    3.0% Nic level and 1.9mL in each tank.
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Reviews (198)
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  1. 100%


    I absolutely love the MENTHOL VIBE as my first choice. I never thought I would stop smoking regular tar filled cigarettes. Thank You Vuse for such a wonderful product! Smooth puff. I do not miss regular cigarettes.
  2. 100%

    LUIS C.

    Best Vape Ever!!
    The best ***** I have tried and I've tried a lot!! Smooth easy pull. Love it. Mixed Berry is awesome!! Plz add some NEW flavors.
  3. 80%

    COLIN S.

    Impressive device! Flavors? Not so much..
    Take this review with a grain of salt. I used to vape the big expensive devices so my opinions are a bit bias. Though i did purchase some of the original cartomizers that first hit the market. I loved the flavors, but they lacked overall quality and effectiveness. Needless to say, I continued to smoke cigarettes. Some years later I was introduced to the more powerful 18650 devices and the wide world of equipment options and millions of flavors that came with it. I loved it, and had managed to quit smoking for nearly a year! Well, I dropped and broke an almost $200 device and went back to the stinky sticks because i couldn't afford to replace it at the time. Some months after that I decided I'd invest in another device and give it another go. No dice, I bought and traded multiple different devices but couldn't seem to let go of the cigarettes. Now, lets fast forward 3 years to present day. I bought this unit mainly because I got some insanely good coupons for the kit and 2 additional pods from an RJR Rep. I really had no intentions to actually quit smoking. But I must admit, I'm seriously impressed with this cheap corner store vape. Has decent airflow, smooth draw, good battery life, surprising ***** production, and the pods even last a good while. The fact that the pods and charger are magnetic is actually really cool and convenient, Nice Touch!! Its small and compact, but not super corny like the cartomizer devices. The "original" flavor isn't bad at all, just a little harsh for what the device is actually delivering. I liked it enough that I have been using it more than expected, and cut back a good bit on my actual smoking. So I decided to look into buying more pods. That's where you guys let me down. The price isn't that great considering what the big custom devices offer as far as buying juice and filling your tank or dripper yourself. Now, i did take into account that there is a significant start up cost for those, and you still have to buy coils and/or cotton. So the pricing really isnt THAT bad, but definitely could/should be better. But I was severely disappointed to find out that you guys only offer 4 flavors for these things. This part let me down even more when I found out that you guys had a decent amount of options for other devices. I think at least expanding this device to include all of your flavors would be very smart of you, and could very well get me to be a long time customer/consumer. I honestly just don't think I'll keep this thing laying around long enough for you guys to get there. But who knows? I'll probably buy a few pods and see how things go. But only having 2 flavors that mildly appeal to me, its doubtful I'll stick with it. I'd definitely recommend it to somebody that hasn't seen what the big $ devices and juices have to offer. Or to somebody that just want to kick the cigs for cheap. Its a great device for what it is, has potential to be much better, and maybe appeal to many more people.
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