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Drive Fashion-Forward with Arrow McLaren SP

Fashion on the Fast Track

Fashion is always looking for a way to move forward. Vuse found the opportunity to switch it into high gear.

We joined forces with AMSP to bring the design and racing worlds together through our shared passion for form, quality, technology and fit.


Great design unites Vuse and AMSP in distinctive looks that inspire both confidence and pride. Like Vuse, the AMSP design is bold and beautiful, modern and minimal, without any needless ornaments or frivolous features. Everything is there for a reason. The simple lines communicate efficiency. The smooth curves round out the state-of-the-art look and feel.

And let’s face it, it looks awesome.

Leveraging the latest design principles, Vuse and AMSP created a unique aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of the racing and vaping experience.

Race car driver in car


Form is nothing without function. Like Vuse, AMSP is designed to work and work well. Every piece of fine-tuned engineering is given careful consideration with the user experience in mind. You can best see the parallels of Vuse and AMSP in the bodywork: compact, lightweight, sophisticated and streamlined for smooth, efficient airflow.


We blend cutting-edge engineering with simple functionality for maximum performance. Everything is designed to create a more powerful and enjoyable experience. Always innovative. Always inspirational.


It’s about how your Alto fits in your pocket. It’s about how an AMSP pit crew member fits in their uniform. More importantly, it’s about the thing that unifies the fashion-forward: self-expression.

Simply put, fit is a design declaration for how we are.

Because to stand out from the crowd, you have to look the part.

Race car on track

Inspiring Designs

Finding inspiration can be challenging. But the design world is always looking for sources of inspiration and new ways to challenge themselves, to move fashion forward.

Vuse and AMSP found an opportunity to do it in the fastest way possible. Introducing the Vuse x AMSP livery design competition, a high-speed, high-fashion contest where artists square off and put their design chops to the challenge.

Stay tuned to see how our artists’ visions come to life and what masterpieces will ultimately be unveiled.

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