PACT Act Impact – Important Shipping Updates

Important updates to keep you informed. You, or another adult over age 21, now need to sign for delivery of your Vuse orders. We have changed our shipping carrier to USPS.  What exactly does this mean for your deliveries? Read on for the details.

Why are you making these changes?

Two words: PACT Act, short for Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking. Recent edits to the PACT Act by the Federal Government extended the law to vapor products.

Due to these changes, an adult 21 or over must be present to show photo ID and sign for all deliveries. 

We also changed carriers to USPS, which will be in effect through late April. After April, many national carriers will no longer deliver vapor products. At this time, we may have to pause online shopping. We're working extremely hard to partner with a new carrier and avoid any downtime for you.

What is required for sign on delivery?

We’re going to have to see you, or the smiling face of someone 21 or over for the delivery of your vape products. In other words, you (or someone also 21+) must be present to sign for the package when the delivery shows up—and must show a government issued photo ID.

Are some areas unable to order?

Due to the impact of the PACT Act, as well as carrier limitations, some areas may be unable to receive all or certain Vuse shipments. As we continue to seek new carriers, we will update with more information.

Our commitment

As always, we’re committed to making sure that only 21+ tobacco consumers can purchase and receive products from We’re also committed to making this process as smooth as possible for you. We work every day to create an exceptional vaping experience—and this is no exception.