What are open & closed system e-cigarettes?

If you’re a smoker that’s new to vaping, all the choices and terms can be a little overwhelming. Flavor ghosting, clearomizer, atomizer, open pod, vape mod...there’s a lot to learn. Two common questions new vapers have are: What are open and closed system e-cigarettes? And which is right for me?

Let’s take a look at each and why you may choose one over the other.

What are open system e-cigarettes?

If you’re visiting a vape store, you’re probably checking out open-system e-cig devices. With open systems or open pods, you can fill your e-cigarette with the e-liquid of your choice. This is because the device has a refillable tank called a clearomizer. Open system e-cigarettes also come with a removable mouthpiece, and most of them have wicks and coils that need to be replaced.

Pros of open system e-cigarettes 

  • Flavor variety. You can mix and match many flavors or nicotine levels to customize your vaping experience.

Cons of open system e-cigarettes

  • More parts & pieces. With open systems, there are many parts and pieces. Including e-juice bottles for refilling, external batteries, and replacement coils
  • Upkeep. You’re committing yourself to maintaining your device—things like changing your coils as often as weekly, refilling tanks with e-liquid, and charging batteries externally from your e-cigarette.
  • Lack of consistency. E-liquids are not consistent across regions. You might find a flavor you love in one location, but it’s not available when you travel or move somewhere else.

What are closed system e-cigs?

Each closed system vape uses an e-liquid cartridge or pod designed specifically for that device. The mouthpiece and other components of the device are built in. 

Pros of closed system e-cigarettes 

  • Easy to use. Closed systems like the Vuse Alto only require the battery to be charged and pods to be replaced when they’re running low. No need for refills, coil changes, or charging the battery seperate from the unit.
  • Ideal experience. Pods are specifically made to work with a matching device type. This creates a cohesive experience. 
  • Wider availability. With thousands of stores nationwide, you can find your Vuse in just about every convenience store across the country.

Cons of open system e-cigarettes

  • Less customization. You cannot mix and match e-liquids across your vaping devices.

Which e-cigarette type is right for you?

At Vuse, we launched closed system e-cigarettes in 2013 to provide adult tobacco consumers with an alternative choice to their traditional cigarettes. The closed system ensures all the parts of your e-cigarette are made to work together seamlessly. We design our e-cigs to meet our expectations and yours.

Check out our variety of high quality, closed system e-cigarettes.