Where can you vape?

Many people think vaping in public is more acceptable than smoking in public—but that doesn’t mean it’s allowed everywhere. So, where can you vape? There are lots of different laws in each state, and the rules are always changing. Here's a breakdown of vaping regulations in the most common places you might want to use your Vuse.

But remember, when it doubt, always double check the legislation in your area.

Vaping on public transport: Never 

Though there is some variation across states and individual businesses, vaping is generally not allowed on mass transit like trains and buses. On Amtrak and the New York Subway, for example, vaping is prohibited both onboard and at the station.

Vaping in bars & restaurants: Sometimes

If you’re hoping to vape over drinks or at dinner with friends, it will depend on the establishment, as well as the city and state you’re in.

Vaping in hotels: Smoking rooms only

Generally, your best bet is to stick to smoking rooms. Airbnbs or private rentals are often a much better bet; many hosts don't mind guests vaping indoors since it doesn’t leave an odor. Just remember to check with your host when booking.

Vaping in airports & planes: Designated areas only, never on the plane

Vaping is totally prohibited aboard airplanes. Remember, you'll need to store your Vuse in your carry-on luggage, not in a checked bag.

You might be in luck at the airport though, depending on your departure city. While vaping isn’t allowed at most airports, a few will let you use your Vuse in dedicated areas outside of the terminals (usually the same places where smoking is permitted).

Vaping at work: Ask your boss

Regulations around vaping in the workplace can be unclear. Check the vaping laws in your city and state to see if they specify using vapes in the workplace. Otherwise, talk to your boss or human resources manager to find our what your company's policy is.