Vuse Alto Light

Blink. Blink. Solid green. Do you know what your Vuse Alto’s lights are telling you? Here’s a quick primer on what those colors and codes mean for your vape. 

If your Vuse Alto is flashing  

Your battery is low 

A flashing light on your Vuse Alto means your battery is low. Charge it up stat! 

But you don’t have to let charging slow you down—just snap on the charger and you’re ready to go. Thanks to the Vuse Alto technology, you can vape while it’s plugged in. 

If your Vuse Alto light is fading in and out 

You’re using your vape 

Good news—if your Vuse Alto light is fading in and out, it means you’re enjoying your vape. This light pattern indicates the device is being activated/used. 

If your Vuse Alto light is solid green 

Your vape is charging 

When you see a solid green light on your Vuse Alto, it means it’s currently charging up. That light will turn off (solid off) when your vape is done charging. 

Remember—only charge your Vuse Alto with a genuine Vuse Alto device charger.

No light on your Vuse Alto? 

You’re not using your vape and/or it’s done charging 

When the light on your Vuse Alto is off, it means one of two things: 

  • If your vape is attached to your charger, no light means it’s finished charging. 
  • If your vape is NOT attached to your charger, no light means it’s not in use. 

Want to learn more about your Vuse Alto? Check out why it’s America’s favorite vape*. 

*Based on retail scan data of reported total Vuse Alto Device sales volumes through April 11, 2021